Building Maintenance

Mantis Building Services, Inc. offers a full line of services for the exterior of your building. We also offer inspection services to help building owners and property management determine work scope.




Concrete Repair/Brick Repair/Tuck Pointing

Specializing in the repair of spalls and surface cracks of vertical and overhead concrete (bridges, columns, walls ), we use a high quality non-sag, polymer-enhanced mortar made by Euclid Chemical or BASF/ Sika.  With our rigging experience and boom-lift knowledge, we can safely access any area of concrete that needs to be repaired.  We can also tuck-point the failing mortar of your brick (see historical preservation).







Historical Restoration/Preservation

The key to historical restoration is understanding how the buildings and structures were built and the components that were used at the time. While modern building products are great on modern buildings, they are not the “right fix” for historical buildings!


We use lab-generated mortars that are specially designed to match the brick, mortar, or limestone that we are repairing. This involves taking small samples of the area to be repaired. The lab will then create a period-matched mortar for your building.This is a very important step, and one that is often overlooked by contractors, causing inconsistent moisture movement and failure of the repairs.


Once we are done with the job, we will give to you the formula and any left over product to use as the designated repair mortar for any future mortar and stone repairs of the building.







Mantis Building Services is now proud to offer nationwide consultation services for window cleaning. We offer two types of consultation services:  Access systems, and window cleaning training classes.

We can work with building owners, engineers, and architects to come up with the best system to allow workers of all types safe access to the building façade that is within the codes of the ANSI/ IWCA I.14.1 regulation.  Too often building owners and window cleaning companies have been left scratching their heads as to how to access an area safely and effectively after a building is built.


We can help in this situation, but we’d prefer to provide our consultation services to the architect and the developer before the building is turned over. This avoids many problems and dangerous situations. One major problem with turning a building over without an anchor system is that if the new owner chooses to add them, he faces a void of the roof warranty unless the roofer is willing to go back and cut holes in the roof that was just installed.


We can study blueprints or work with architects to retrofit existing structures with access systems that will allow the window cleaner to abide by the IWCA I-14.1. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the building owner to equip his building with a certified anchor system that has been tested. We can help the architect and the owner determine a scope of work that can then be presented to the davit installation company.


Bird Deterrent Systems

As development of coastal areas increases, so do conflicts with our feathered friends. More people means more food and places to roost, which can cause ductwork infestation, corrosive waste full of bacteria, backed up gutters and drains, roof damage, and disease.  At the same time Mantis is serious about the conservation and protection of the many species of birds that migrate through Florida, so we will only use measures that do not harm the birds and animals, as listed below.

As an authorized installer of Bird-X systems, Mantis has the expertise to install the most effective system for the gull, pigeon, or other bird infestation that you have. We also install raccoon, bear, and coyote deterrent systems!

Here are a few of the bird deterrent products that we use:


  • Bird spikes

One of the most effective measures to date. Commonly misunderstood as inhumane, bird spikes are recommended by the Royal Society for Protection of Birds as the most humane and effective bird deterrent. Birds stop in mid-flight when they encounter the spikes and fly away!

  • Bird netting

100 % effective at denying access to a specific area, UV-resistant netting can be installed to any surface and come with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Bird Wire

For use on historical and high-profile buildings where a discreet appearance is important.

  • Electronic Bird Control

Often used on buildings where there are too many places to prevent birds from roosting. These devices include Sonic Bird Control, Ultra-Sonic Bird Control, and Laser control. There are also ultra-sonic and strobe devices that are useful to repel raccoons, bears, and coyotes. These devices can also be easily powered by solar panels.


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