Often overlooked as a “punch out “ item, the caulking is one of the most important components of a building envelope. We will find the right joint sealant for your home or building and provide a manufacturer’s warranty for the products that we use.  Of course, a product is only as good as the installation.  We use only the best sealants—DOW 795, Sikaflex, and Sonneborn Sonolastic NP1.




When the caulk has failed on a structure, it is important to completely remove all traces of the old sealant. Mantis uses an arsenal of specialized mechanical removers and solvents to remove as much of the old sealant as possible. We then perform a mock-up of the new caulk joint.
After the mock up is cured we return to do a pull test to ensure proper adhesion before commencement of the job.

We are also expert finish caulkers for residential new construction!

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