Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a delicate process. Done correctly it can create a whole new look for your property, while pressure washing incorrectly can permanently scar a structure or substrate. We have many years of experience pressure washing professionally, and our knowledge of construction and substrate materials enables us to use the most effective and least intrusive cleaning method.


Commercial Pressure Washing

Cleaning delicate and historical buildings is one of our specialties. We use the minimum pressure and high “gallons per minute” to carefully clean years of grime and algae from historic brick and limestone without damaging the substrate. We have even cleaned buildings that are on the national historic register. Cleaning multi-story buildings is our specialty!


We also have cleaned many modern buildings. We can safely clean any type of substrate--precast concrete, brick, painted surfaces, etc.  One of the hardest types of surface to clean is dryvit and stucco due to the porous nature and brittle properties. We have developed a unique system for cleaning these surfaces thoroughly without damage.


We can also quickly clean large flat surfaces with our Hyrotek trailers!
For these horizontal areas we use wide-path surface cleaners that will provide a much more even clean than wands.


We use steam for certain applications, especially chewing gum removal.

For oil stains we use “Eat Oils” - a microbial that actually penetrates the surface and eats the spilled oil. With multiple applications and a final pressure wash, we can greatly reduce and in some cases completely remove the stain.  This product is also good for areas around restaurants that have grease stains.



Residential Pressure Washing

Here in Florida, the “green stuff” is just a type of mildew or algae that grows everywhere and is usually seen on the north side of the building.  Keep in mind when you are hiring a company to remove it, it will eventually grow back! Because of this we try to stay away from using high pressure or chemicals that can break down the paint or integrity of your siding.


We will provide you with a consultation and recommendation of the least invasive cleaning method that meets your expectations. After this is done, we will do a test spot for your approval before proceeding.


Cleaning and sealing driveways is another popular service! We can seal your driveway with glossy topical sealers, or invisible penetrative sealers that will add years of life to your slab driveway.


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